Morgan V. — 5 star I found Nichole via her fantastic massage talents, yet my recent soul retrieval with her was nothing less than remarkable. Her gentle, clear-sighted, and strong presence allowed for me to be totally at ease. While she was journeying for me I had one of the most grounding meditative experiences, supported by her holding a perfectly safe container. Nichole's description of her journey captured parts of my spiritual existence that I had never been able to successfully put into words. She articulated internal experiences that I had not even allowed myself to see, and in her doing so, I felt an inexplicable relief through my whole being! My soul retrieval with Nichole has catapulted me into a vital transformation. This work cannot be taken lightly. I hold an immense amount of respect for the depth and quality of work that Nichole is capable of, and it's exhilarating to consider how much more is possible!

Paul S. — 5 star I'm the last person in the world to bullshit about this sort of thing. Having spent the past two decades dissecting, tinkering with, healing and leveling up my being via every technique and occult system imaginable, I met an impasse during the past year - a wound that I could not heal entirely on my own. Despite my reservations about letting a young cracker like Nichole approach what I considered... to be a tremendous and even dangerous shamanic operation, I trusted several stark signals that she was the one to conduct a soul retrieval that reaches back to a severing that occurred before I was born. This was not a small chunk of soul. This was something fundamental - not a piece, but the seed of my very being. I went to a small, unusually serene corner of Sandford & Son to find a piece of myself that I have been looking for my whole life. And son of a bitch if she didn't find it. She looked a little shaken when it was done, but she found it. There's no point in providing more detail, suffice to say that something fundamental is changing in me. I can already feel that the change occurring is immense. What she accomplished is immense. I am just now beginning to recognize the implications of her work. If she can straighten this out, she can straighten out the most horrific, intractable wounds your soul may carry. Thank you Nichole and everyone else (there were some birds and frogs involved) for helping me take the last step of a very long journey. Thank you. Thank you.

Jessica J. — 5 star Hands down Tacoma's number one therapist! A true healer, in many ways, Nichole is outstanding! Something you'll only really understand after experiencing her technique as well as her warm heart for helping others.

Maren H. — 5 star After close to a week of crippling back spasms and a trip to urgent care I went to see Nichole. She not only helped with the pain, she worked with me to find the source of the problem and taught me how I can begin repairing the damage. I plan to continue to work with her and recommend her to all!

Deanna C. — 5 star Nichole knows exactly what I need every time I see her. She helps creat change in bettering myself and how I take care of my body. Shes my go to girl for massage for myself and my family.