NICHOLE LONDON specializes in trauma sensitive coaching, healing, energy and bodywork.

She is a spiritual safe haven for any belief system or orientation and has walked through the fire of her own personal healing around trauma so she has a compassionate and deep sensitivity to the process.








Intuitive Wellness Coaching, Medical Bodywork and Massage Therapy, Reiki, Trauma Sensitive Training, Leadership Training, Berry Method of MLD,  and much more.

She has been working in the healing field since 2005 and in the leadership field for over 20 years, practicing Eco-psychology practices, spiritual medicine practices,  and healing and ceremonial work since 2011 and has ten years of experience in her own private practice. She also has thousands of hours of continuing education under her belt with many tools gathered through experiential learning.

She has spoken to, taught, and held space for thousands of individuals over the last decade for groups ranging from community groups, first nation's tribes, psychology graduate schools, church groups, leadership conferences, spiritual gatherings, business leadership trainings, and more.

She has been on Vision Quest in Canyon De Chelly, AZ  in 2013 with mentors and the Navajo (dine people), has travelled and worked with teachers in Peru, Canada, New Mexico, Arizona, Sedona, Yukon/British Columbia, California and Washington State. She has a rich lineage of teachers behind and ahead of her, and listens to the Great Mystery for guidance. She has been called a 'Condor Woman' by Paqos in Peru, a woman of freedom, who can see the great divine mysteries revealed before the whole. A beacon of light and a fierce and gentle warrioress of Love.

She has supported the Taku River Tlingit and people of the Sacred Warmsprings lands in Atlin, BC to build and create the first medicine wheel where she held Solstice Celebrations for 4 days for the Tlingit and all people of the land to come together in healing each other and the earth in 2017. Spiritual leader Jackie Williams blessed the Medicine Wheel and named it a place where the white people and the First Nations will start to come together to work for the good of all.

There's a movement happening all over this globe of people standing into their healed and whole selves and calling forth the healer within to start to make some changes, to start to heal the world and to start activating change on local and global scales. Become a part of that shift by stepping deeper into your truest expression and your unique gifts. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and you are needed. Stand with us.

Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the mystery, the schooling: a thing that must be lived where book knowledge has no meaning, for all books are manuals to the world you already know. The Mystery, by its very nature, must show you what has never been known, because before you  wereforged, it was impossible.

- Rebelle Society

"To create space for every aspect of the self requires listening.  My job is to help you discover the gems and aspects of all  of your parts and teach you the tools to become your own teacher, your own coach, and your own best friend. You deserve relief. You deserve love. You have the power within you to become your own healer."

"The world of the healer is a profound mystery, guided from intuition, science, experimentation and case study, which in turn gives us results to navigate the next step in the process. There is no rule book on the how to's of this life. We get to choose the wilderness route or the paved path, we get to choose into the lessons of this earth and the wisdom of the animal and nature elements as they are crying out from creation. We have the freedom to become what we desire."

'This is a time where we are in need of a SELF LOVE REVOLUTION; in need of inner peace and a reprieve from self loathing and judgement so that we can become the beacons of light that the  world so desperately needs. We are being called to transmute pain and suffering from within so that we can teach others how to do that for themselves"